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No Longer A Couch Potato

[Written by Shayla S.]

I don’t know about you, but I always need something to get hyped up before I workout, or I just find myself eating potato chips on the couch. I usually go straight to music to try and get pumped up, but sometimes I feel like the music doesn’t push me to work harder and instead I’m just singing along with the songs. Because of this, I have started to watch reality television shows that center around physical fitness during my workout. I find myself pushing harder to reach my goals. Here are some TV series that motivate me.

  1. The Biggest Loser


The Biggest Loser talks about the contestant’s exercises and ways to do them at home. Watching the contestants on the show strive to lose weight pushes me to lose weight right along with them. Hearing their stories just goes to show that you only live once and to make the best of it. The finale is what really gets me; seeing these people lose incredible amount of weight in just one summer blows my mind and makes me want to get off the couch and get fit!

  1. American Ninja Warrior


This has to be one of my favorite shows to watch when working out. Not only do these people look amazing, but they can also complete a seemingly impossible obstacle course in less than four minutes! American Ninja Warrior truly is inspiring because the people on the show are “average Joes”. They all have stories that the audience can relate to. I find myself pushing that extra thirty seconds in a workout because I have similar experiences happening in my life as the people on the show.

  1. Wipeout


This pick might seem a little unconventional because it doesn’t really focus on physical fitness, but it really has me wanting to be one of the only people to complete the insane obstacle course. While working out, I try and map out my living room to look like the course with my couch cushions being the big red balls. Not only is the living room course extremely fun, but I also get an incredible workout. Plus, Wipeout has some hilarious moments that make me laugh while I’m working every part of my body!

  1. Survivor


Survivor is one of the most intense shows when it comes to the contestant’s mental ability to push through the physical fitness challenges. The challenges they have to perform require a tremendous amount of endurance and cardio. Because Survivor likes to show everyone how much strength it takes to compete, it pushes me to want to exercise so that I am prepared when I run a 5k or try the Tough Mudder!

  1. The Amazing Race


The Amazing Race shows how much endurance is needed in order to be on strength-based reality shows. Watching these people run at full speed with backpacks full of clothes, food, and water that weighs them down is incredible because it shows their strength in competition. When I incorporate scenic views, like the ones on the Amazing Race, into a workout, I feel like I’m running with the contestants on the show.

These are just some shows that get me up and exercising. Now I want to hear from you! What helps you work out? It can be music, television, or something else entirely. Reply in the comment section below!

Shayla Simon is a sophomore Communications and Media major at Florida State University. She works with Guest Services at The Reservation and is a Creative Writing Intern for FSU Campus Rec.


11 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for Group Fitness Classes this Summer

[Written by Angela Mele]

…Not that you really need a reason other than, “because fun and fitness.”

1. You can go between classes without losing your coveted 2nd floor Woodward parking spot


2. When people ask why you always wear yoga pants or Nike shorts to campus, you’ll finally have a valid reason.

can i live

3. You and your couch need a little time apart to miss each other.


4. With outdoor class offerings, you can be exposed to some Vitamin D and Vitamin G(ainz) at the same time!


5. It’s a great way to get access to some limited-use equipment, like TRX and Battle Ropes!


6. You’re inclined to work harder in a group…it’s like having 10+ teammates by your side and you don’t want to let them down!


7. Spending an hour on the elliptical has its charm, but doesn’t “XtremeFit” have a better ring to it?


8. It’s a great way to try something new! These instructors were literally trained on how to train beginners.


They also know how to show experienced attendees the meaning of “awesome workout.”

9. The average 60-minute aerobic class burns 300+ calories, which is good news if the night staff at Gumby’s knows you by name.


After that 5:30pm BodyTone class, hit up a free healthy cooking class.

10. From strength-based to cardio-intense, there is pretty much a class for every workout mood and everybody!


11. Some classes require advanced sign up, but if you’re not into that kind of commitment, there are lots of opportunities to just show up.


Need more convincing? Let the experience speak for itself! Click here to view this summer’s group fitness schedule and try out some classes!

Angela is a recent FSU graduate with a degree in Professional Sales. She’s also an NSCA-certified personal trainer and a creative writer for FSU Campus Rec’s Marketing Team.  

11 Reasons Why You Need To Be Playing Intramural Sports This Summer

[written by Angela M.]

1. You’ll get to hang out with your friends.


Sports are a great way to bring a group of people together in an effort to bring down another group of people. Create a team through your residence hall, RSO, or random folks you find on Landis Green.

2. You can also make new friends.


“What, you’re failing Financial Accounting too?” “Want to be on my bowling team?”

3. You’ll get to play some of your favorite old-school sports.


You thought kickball was competitive in elementary school? We play for champ shirts and bragging rights here.

4. Even if you’re bad, you will still have a great time.


Not all IM Sports teams are competitive. Find some people who are just playing for fun. The DII and DIII Leagues are a great fit for the not-so-athletically inclined.

5. Even if you are bad, others will get great YouTube blackmail footage of you.


I mean…you’re probably not as bad as THAT guy…

6. Work out without going to the gym.


We totally won’t judge if you show up to play flag football in a leotard and leg warmers.

7. Relieve stress.


Studies show that working out and playing sports are great ways to relieve stress and boost brain power.

8. Have a reason to actually leave your house.


You can’t just lay on the couch forever… I mean, you can. But don’t.

9. YOU could be a champion.


What’s better than that moment when your team comes out on top?

10. …and get an IM Champion T-shirt.






100% Cotton. 100% Awesome.

To learn more about FSU Intramural Sports, visit campusrec.fsu.edu/im.

If you would like to play an intramural sport but don’t have a team, join the FSU Intramural Free Agents Facebook group to match up with other players.

Angela M. is a junior at Florida State University majoring in Professional Sales. She is an NSCA-certified personal trainer and an intern for the FSU Campus Recreation Marketing team.